intellectual output


Output 1: Survey

Based on a survey in local sign and written languages for three target groups (deaf job seekers, deaf experts and employers/recruiters), the project partners identify the transferable digital skills deaf job seekers need to develop. The results are summarised at country and transnational level in written reports and abstracts in national and international sign languages.


Output 2: “Digital skills tutorials”

“Digital skills tutorials” is a collection of accessible tutorial videos on basic transferable digital skills (e.g. online research, internet security, social media). The videos use sign language, animations with visual images, subtitles and accompanying plain language texts. There will also be a collection of sign language vocabulary (with the written word and an image) for complex terms and jargon.


Output 3: “Blended learning training package”

“Blended learning training package” consists of a curriculum, a blended learning training course and an accompanying digital handbook on the subject of transferable digital skills.. Blended learning is a mix of methods using online and digital methods, as well as traditional classroom-based training. The training will be tested by deaf job seekers.

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